Houses and floorplans are subject to change without notice. Pictures and plans to be use for general purposes only.
All Lake Lots will be $5,000 more than the base price. Shutters and metal roofs not included

Pin Oak – $241,600

Cherry (Plan A) – $277,900

Cherry (A)
Cherry (A)

Cherry (Plan B) – $272,900

Cherry (B)

Chestnut (Plan A) – $260,900

Chestnut (Plan B) – $260,900

Douglas (B)

Douglas (Plan A) – $254,200

Douglas (A)

Douglas (Plan B) – $254,200

Red Oak (Plan A) – $241,400

Red Oak (Plan B) – $242,300

Red-Oak (B)

White Oak – $235,400

Willow (Plan A) – $263,500

Willow Plan A
Willow (A)

Willow (Plan B) – $263,500

Willow B

Willow (Plan C) – $263,500

Willow (Plan D) – $263,500

Willow D

Willow (Plan E) – $263,500

Willow E
Willow E

Willow (Plan F) – $263,500

Willow F
Willow F

Designed with your design in mind!

Each design offered at Old Oaks offers a uniqueness for you to make your own.