Pictures and plans to be used for general purposes only. All exterior lots will be $5,000 more than the base price. Shutters, built in lockers and metal roofs not included

Houses and floorplans are subject to change without notice. Due to current COVID-19 conditions, some of our standard products could become unavailable and therefore could change without notice.

Tile backsplash in the model is a $1500 upgrade. The Live Oak Drive homes have the microwave over the range & do not come with a gas grill line.


View notes regarding this plan.


View notes regarding this plan.


View notes regarding this plan.

Pin Oak

Cherry (Plan A)

Cherry (Plan B)

Cherry (B)

Chestnut (Plan A)

Chestnut (Plan B)

Chestnut (B)
Chestnut (B)

Douglas (Plan A)

Douglas (A)

Douglas (Plan B)

Red Oak (Plan A)

Red Oak (Plan B)

Red-Oak (B)

Sycamore (Plan A)

Sycamore (A)
Sycamore (A)

Sycamore (Plan B)

Sycamore (B)
Sycamore (B)

White Oak

Willow (Plan A)

Willow Plan A
Willow (A)

Willow (Plan B)

Willow B

Willow (Plan C)

Willow (Plan D)

Willow D

Willow (Plan E)

Willow E
Willow E

Willow (Plan F)

Willow F
Willow F

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